What’s wrong with that ? – Paroles de la chanson dans « Le plus heureux des milliardaires ».

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Paroles :  Robert et Richard Sherman.
Label : Walt Disney Records.
Sortie : 14 juillet 2008.
Film : Le plus heureux des milliardaires.


What’s wrong with that ?.

Interprétée par Fred MacMurray et Lesley Ann Warren .

(Monsieur Biddle)
I’ve been bit on my finger.
It could’ve been my leg.
It could’ve been my head.
I might’ve died.

In a time of mortal peril.
Any man should expect.
That his family will come.
Rushing to his side.

What’s wrong with that ?
What’s wrong with that ?
My family rushing to my side.
What’s wrong with that ?

I’m a good-hearted husband.
I’m generous and kind.
No wife could have a life.
As free of cares.

So when a good-hearted husband.
Has been bit, it’s only right.
That his wife should bear the.
Agony he bears.

What’s wrong with that ?
What’s wrong with that ?
I want my wife to share my life.
What’s wrong with that ?

Here in this house I’m raising.
Three strong, intelligent children.
Where are they now.
In their father’s time of need ?

I give them private tutors.
The finest physical trainers.
All in vain.
Oh, the pain.
I believe in the Bible.

I believe in Uncle Sam.
And as sure as old glory.
Waves above.

(Monsieur Biddle)
I believe a man who has been bitten.
Has the right to demand.
That his family would give him.
Sympathy and love.
What’s wrong with that ?

What’s wrong with that ?

(Monsieur Biddle et Cordy)
The flag above, the Bible, and love.
What’s wrong with that ?