Nothing can stop me now – Paroles de la chanson dans “Planes”.

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planes Disney bande originale soundtrack album

Fiche technique.

Compositeur : Mark Holman.
Paroles : Mark Holman.
Sortie : 6 Août 2013.
Label : Walt Disney Records.


Nothing can stop me now.

Interprétée par Mark Holman.

Feel the passion ignite me.
Feel it burning inside me.
I won’t let this life just pass me by.
Gonna start a revolution.
Go by the name hero.
Take back control.
Yeah,here I go.

Today I’ve gotta make a chance.
Straight to the top I’m on my way.
And I was meant for so much more.
And I found a dream worth fighting for.
And nothing can stop me.
Nothing can stop me now.
All I need is a horizon.
Courage to keep trying.
Awakened I.
Feel so alive.