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My name is James – Paroles de la chanson “James et la pêche géante”.

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Paroles : Randy Newman.
Label : Walt Disney Records.
Sortie : 12 avril 1996.
Film : James et la pêche géante.


My name is James

Interprétée par Paul Terry.

My name is James.
Thats what mother called me.
My name is James.
So its always been.

Sometimes I forget.
When I’m lonely or afraid.
And I’ll go inside my head.
And look for James.

There’s a city that I dreamed of.
Very far from here.
Very very far away from here.
Very far away.

There are people in the city.
And they come to me.
But it’s very very far away you know.
Very far away.

They’ll say James, James, James how are ya ?
Isn’t it a lovely day.
James, James, James.
Were so glad you came here where we are.
From so very very very far.

My name is James, James, James.

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