Bande originaleAnimation – Bande originaleLa bande originale de "Zootopie".

La bande originale de “Zootopie”.

disney zootopie bande originale soundtrack zootopia

Fiche technique.

Compositeur : Michael Giacchino.
Date de sortie : 4 Mars 2016.
Paroles : Shakira.
Adaptation française : Aucune.
Label :  Walt Disney Records.
Film : Zootopie.



1. Try Everything (Shakira).
2. Stage Fright.
3. Grey’s Uh-Mad At Me.
4. Ticket To Write.
5. Foxy Fakeout.
6. Jumbo Pop Hustle.
7. Walk And Stalk.
8. Not A Real Cop.
9. Hopps Goes (After) The Weasel.
10. The Naturalist.
11. Work Slowly And Carry A Big Shtick.
12. Mr. Big.
13. Case Of The Manchas.
14. The Nick Of Time.
15. World’s Worst Animal Shelter.
16. Some Of My Best Friends Are Predators.
17. A Bunny Can Go Savage.
18. Weasel Shakedown.
19. Ramifications.
20. Ewe Fell For It.
21. Three-Toe Bandito.
22. Suite From Zootopia.

Les paroles.

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