La bande originale de “Pirates des Caraïbes : La Vengeance de Salazar”.

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vengeance salazar dead tell tales pirate caraibes caribbean disney bande originale soundtrack

Fiche technique.

Compositeur : Geoff Zanelli.
Sortie : 26 Mai 2017.
Label : Walt Disney Records.



1. Dead men tell no tales.
2. Salazar.
3. No woman has ever handled my herschel.
4. You speak of the trident.
5. The devil’s triangle.
6. Shansa.
7. Kill the filthy pirate, I’ll wait.
8. The dying gull.
9. El matador del mar.
10. Kill the sparrow.
11. She needs the sea.
12. The brightest star in the north.
13. I’ve come with the butcher’s bill.
14. The power of the sea.
15. Treasure.
16. My name is barbossa.
17. Beyond my beloved horizon.

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