Bande originaleAnimation – Bande originaleLa bande originale de "Dumbo".

La bande originale de “Dumbo”.

Disney bande originale soundtrack album dumbo

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Compositeur : Frank Churchill et Oliver Wallace .
Paroles : Frank Churchill, Ned Washington et Oliver Wallace.
Adaptation française : Natacha Nahon.
Label :  Walt Disney Records.
Sortie :  16 Septembre 1997.
Film : Dumbo.



1. Main Title.
2. Look Out For Mister Stork (The Sportsmen).
3. Loading The Train/Casey Junior (The Sportsmen) /Stork On A Cloud/Straight From Heaven/Mother And Baby…
4. Song Of The Roustabouts (The King’s Men).
5. Circus Parade.
6. Bathtime/Hide And Seek.
7. Ain’t That The Funniest Thing/Berserk/Dumbo Shunned/A Mouse!/Dumbo And Timothy/Dumbo The Great.
8. The Pyramid Of Pachyderms.
9. No Longer An Elephant/Dumbo’s Saddness/A Visit In The Night/Baby Mine (Betty Noyes).
10. Clown Song (Billy Bletcher, Eddie Holden and Billy Sheets).
11. Hiccups/Firewater/Bubbles/Did You See That?/Pink Elephants On Parade (The Sportsmen).
12. Up A Tree/The Fall/Timothy’s Theory.
13. When I See An Elephant Fly (Cliff Edwards and the Hall Johnson Choir).
14. You Oughta Be Ashamed.
15. The Flight Test/When I See An Elephant Fly (Reprise).
16. Save My Child/The Threshold Of Success/Dumbo’s Triumph/Making History…
17. Spread Your Wings (Demo Recording).
18. Bonus Track 1.

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