Just a toy – Paroles de la chanson dans « Babes in Toyland ».

Bande originale soundtrack ost score babes toyland disney

Fiche technique.

Paroles : Mel Leven.
Label : Inconnu.
Sortie : Inconnue.
Film : Babes in Toyland.


Just a toy.

Interprétée par Tommy Sands et Annette Funicello.

Smiling eyes, golden hair.
made with such loving care she’s just a toy.
What a thrill it will be, when.
she’s found ‘neath the tree, by some little girl.
Christmas morning and her true.
life will start, when she’s taken to heart with.
childhood joy and you’ll never.
believe all the love she’ll receive though just a toy.

I love to see ‘neath my.
Christmas Tree, one special doll meant for me.
Smiling eyes, silken hair.
you’ll need such loving care, you’re just a toy.
You were planned and designed with one person in mind.
To hold you and keep you forever, and you’ll live for the love.
and the happiness of this lonely boy and each not he will.
say in a whimsical way, you’re just a toy.