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I’m only in it for the honey – Paroles de la chanson dans “Les Country Bears”.

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Paroles : Inconnue.
Label : Walt Disney Records.
Sortie : 23 juillet 2002.
Film : Les Country Bears.


I’m only in it for the honey.

Interprétée par Brian Setzer.

Bear Bear Bear, I know you’d like a little honey.
But your credits no good.
When your out of money.
I heard you can play the fiddle with the best.
Well i’m here putting you to the test.
I’m here by challenging you to a duel.
With my Guitar and your fiddle.
You fuzzy Fool.

Well hey there mister, that was pretty good.
For a local bartender in the neighbourhood.
I’m a little rapper now, I admit.
But I ain’t afraid of you, not one bit.

I here by accept, your challenge to the duel.
Your guitar and my fiddle.
You crazy fool.

I’m only in it for the honey,
It makes my head feel kinda funny.
Gimme that gold and nectar, straight from the bees.
Bartender won’t you gimme some of that, please.

Well he there Mr. fuzzy, I guess that settles that, leave your tour bus parked out front and keys under the mat.
Hold on just a minute, hold that drive.
Cause I can feel that fiddle bout to come alive.