Come flying with me – Paroles de la chanson dans « Clochette et l’expédition féérique ».


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Fiche technique.

Compositeur : Joel McNeely.
Paroles : Brendan Milburn et Valerie Vidoga.
Adaptation française : Aucune.
Sortie : 24 Février 2015.
Label : Walt Disney Records.


Come flying with me.

Interprétée par Cara Dillon.

Four walls, a window.
Old wooden beams.
Your room overflowing.
With drawings and dreams.

Of a land where you wishes.
Roam wild and free.
Hang right here beside you.
Come flying with me.

Don’t be afraid.
Now beautiful girl.
Show me your courage.
And then show the world.
Spinning, soaring.
So fast and so high.
Pretend that this room is as vast as the sky.

Pretend you are brave.
And then brave you will be .
Hang right here beside you.
Come flying with me.